CoolSculpting and Fat Freezing Services

The CoolSculpting System and Fat freezing Services explained

CoolSculpting is the registered name of a device used to provide fat freezing services at aesthetic centres around the world.  The product was developed by the California-based medical technology company Zeltiq® and makes use of a proprietary platform designed to produce controlled cooling. The primary purpose of the device is to reduce the size of those unsightly bulges that stubbornly resist even the most determined efforts to eliminate them by dieting and exercise. For those who might otherwise have been considering surgical liposuction, perhaps as a last resort, the principle utilised by this system, known as cryolipolysis, offers a totally non-invasive alternative.

The CoolSculpting system and its role in fat freezing has enabled services for the effective reduction of excess adipose deposits that simply do not respond to the usual recommended lifestyle changes. Rather than resorting to some form of surgical intervention, this device may be used to achieve the desired reduction without the need for either incisions or even local anaesthesia. Although the device is of a sophisticated design, the principle behind its operation is a simple one and stems from the observation by two Harvard scientists that children who ate iced lollies often developed dimples. They subsequently found that the low temperature was shrinking fat cells in their cheeks.

The CoolSculpting procedure and its fat freezing effect act to kill off the lipid-filled cells whilst leaving the cells of other tissues unaffected. The breakdown products of the targeted cells, which, incidentally the body is unable to replace, are then absorbed and metabolised by the body prior to their eventual elimination. In this way, the process gradually results in the desired re-shaping of the treated areas over the weeks following the treatment achieving a peak at around 12 weeks. To achieve this effect requires careful control of the temperature to ensure that only the targeted adipose cells will be crystallised and subsequently die.

To ensure good skin contact, the CoolSculpting device uses a vacuum head and thus its fat freezing effect is applied evenly. In practice the cryolipolysis effect can be applied to any area that can be sucked into the head of the device. Most often, such areas are arms, inner thighs, bra bulges, love handle and the condition aptly described as muffin tops. Applicable to both women and men, the latter have their own characteristic problems such as man boobs.

For most problem areas, a single session is usually enough and lasts no more than an hour. In more extreme cases, like a beer belly, a second treatment is often needed. Laserderm Medical Aesthetic Centres in South Africa all employ CoolSculpting technology for fat freezing treatments.