Fat Freezing – Get Rid of that Holiday Fat

To Get Rid of that Holiday Fat – Try Freezing It!

In an ideal world, we should have no need to look for easy ways in which to get rid of that extra fat that we accumulated during an over-indulgent and far too sedentary family holiday. In practice, cycling rather than driving to the office, or a few after-work sessions in your local gym should be more than enough to burn away those unwanted extra kilos but, somehow, there never seem to be enough hours in the day, and it is just so much easier to settle for an evening in front of the television and a bowl of high-calorie snacks.

In practice, rather than suffering those frustrating attempts to burn off your excess weight with exercise and diet, some medical aesthetic centres now offer an alternative and highly effective new treatment technology. Described by its developers as cryolipolysis, in simple English, this translates as fat freezing.

When in excess of the body’s immediate needs, lipids are stored in specialised adipose cells until such time as they are metabolised to provide energy. Continued intake of carbohydrates and lipids without a corresponding demand for energy leads to excessive accumulation and the adipose cells become progressively and visibly more swollen. Unlike other body tissues, once destroyed, the adipose cells cannot be replaced and this fact forms the basis of various weight loss procedures of which the most widely known is probably surgical liposuction. This is a highly invasive option involving mechanical agitation to disrupt the cells and suction to remove them. It entails all the usual pain, bruising, prolonged recovery time and the risks associated with any form of surgery, while the sometimes disappointing results will normally take at least six months and often longer to manifest.

By contrast, fat freezing is a quick, painless and totally non-invasive procedure that requires no recovery time and will often reveal marked visible improvements within a matter of days. Two or three treatments will normally be required and the gradual slimming effect parallels that of natural weight loss, making it an ideal way in which to get rid of that holiday fat.

The principle behind cryolipolysis is quite a simple one. Fat cells are more susceptible to damage by exposure to low temperatures than are other tissues. Our Laserderm clinics employ the patented CoolSculpting™ device. Developed by Zeltiq, it is not the only available cryolipolysis device, but it is the only one to have earned FDA approval. The head of the device is applied to the treatment area and controlled cooling results in the death of lipid cells. The dead cells are not suctioned off but, instead, are left to the body’s immune system to dispose of naturally.

Other than an initial feeling of pressure and intense localised cold, which quickly subsides, the procedure causes no discomfort or adverse side effects. The results of fat freezing are permanent in that the dead adipose cells can never be replaced. However, without a little discipline, you could, at some later stage, need to get rid of your holiday fat again, as the remaining adipose cells will simply swell further to accommodate any surplus lipids. Cryolipolysis can take the pain out of weight loss and give you a much-needed kick start. Visit one of our Laserderm clinics to find out more.