Fat Freezing Johannesburg

Fat Freezing in Johannesburg Offers a Safe and Effective Alternative to Surgery

Obesity has become big news these days, with the media issuing regular warnings about the risks of diabetes, heart disease and stroke among those who are severely overweight. Unfortunately, in such extreme cases, there are comparatively few individuals who are able to resolve their problems with a regimen of diet and exercise alone. For the remainder, the solution of choice is frequently gastric band surgery or surgical liposuction with the promise of rapid results. While effective, these are highly invasive procedures and as such, carry the risk of complications.

Surgery, in fact, should only be considered in more extreme cases and is not for those with stubborn areas, such as love handles or bra bulges that persist, despite their best efforts. As an alternative, many medical aesthetic centres in Johannesburg now offer a selection of less invasive procedures that are both safe and highly effective. Fat freezing is a procedure that is totally non-invasive and also one that is demonstrating remarkable success.

The principle behind this treatment, which is known as cryolipolysis, is simple and relies upon the fact that the cells that make up adipose or fatty tissue are more sensitive to the disruptive effect of low temperature than other types of cells, such as those that make up muscles and nerves. By exposing problem areas to a temperature of around 4°C, lipid cells are ruptured and the body is unable to replace them, while all other cells in the treated areas remain unaffected.

While the lipid cells are totally destroyed and their contents released, fat freezing does not involve the use of suction to remove the detritus, so it could take 3 weeks or so before you begin to see visible improvements. Instead, this task is left to the body’s immune system, which will gradually absorb, degrade and then eliminate the unwanted material from the body. This, of course, means that the effect has the appearance of natural weight loss, with anything from 20% to 40% reduction after a single treatment. Also, other than a transient reddening of the skin, the treatment produces no side effects, thus eliminating the need for recovery time.

A number of manufacturers now produce their own version of this fat freezing equipment. However, given that it has received FDA approval, is backed by Harvard University, has more than 750 000 successful treatments to its credit and is the only system with built-in safety measures, we employ the world-class CoolSculpting™ system from Zeltiq in our Johannesburg-based practice.

With only a few contraindications, such as recent surgery on the area to be treated or pregnancy, CoolSculpting™ fat freezing treatments offer a safe, affordable and effective way in which to tackle those persistent problem areas.