Fraxel Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The Expanding Use of Laser Therapy in Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Laser skin rejuvenation is just one of the more recent examples of a growing number of medical aesthetic procedures that are undertaken today and for which the use of the energy produced by a coherent light source has been successfully adapted. No longer the stuff of science fiction and James Bond movies, this same intense form of energy that is able to cut through steel, power particle beam weapons and is now thought to have the potential to propel a spacecraft at speeds close to that of light, may also be used, in a variety of ways, simply to improve one’s appearance.

Minimally-invasive liposculpture or lipolysis is a common example of the use of radiant energy for such purposes. In this case, a coherent light beam is directed beneath the skin via a tiny incision and acts to reduce those stubborn areas of deposited fat, such as love handles and double chins, without the need to resort to the more painful alternative of surgical liposuction. In this case, the effect of the energy is to destroy lipid cells and, along with their released contents, these are usually then left to be metabolised naturally by the body, rather than aspirating them. Other common application for the laser in aesthetic medicine, include the removal of superfluous hair, tattoo removal, and the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions, as well as in techniques to rejuvenate various skin surfaces.

In general, it is the non-invasive nature of this technology that has been responsible for its growing diversity of uses and for its popularity among those who have undergone one or more of these highly effective aesthetic treatments. Whether used for body sculpting, epilation or any of the other applications mentioned, the process is, except for the minimally-invasive liposuction treatments, totally non-invasive, will involve no incision or injection, and produces no harmful or unpleasant side effects, whilst also requiring little or nothing in terms of recovery time.

Fraxel® is the brand name of a line of non-surgical lasers developed by the US company, Solta Medical, and designed for use in facial skin rejuvenation. Successfully tried and tested over more than a decade, at Laserderm clinics, it is currently our preferred choice of equipment for resurfacing treatments. It involves the use of thousands of microscopic laser columns that act to stimulate production of the healthy collagen needed to repair the surface damage resulting from aging, excessive exposure to UV rays and various dermatological conditions.

Therapy with the Fraxel® laser equipment has proved to be highly effective in a number of conditions affecting the facial region. These include the reduction of wrinkles, the elimination of so-called age or sunspots and hyperpigmentation that is typical of melasma. It is also effective for the smoothing of the scarring caused by acne and surgery, the treatment of the pre-cancerous condition known as actinic keratosis and for skin rejuvenation in general.

In contrast to cosmetic creams and preparations, the results of these treatments are long lasting and do not require constant maintenance. Treatments are gentle, suitable for most skin types and even for delicate areas, such as those around the eyes. Causing only mild discomfort, a treatment takes just 30 minutes, and typically between 3 and 5 laser skin rejuvenation sessions will be required at monthly intervals.