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How a Visit to a Laserderm Centre Could Benefit You

Laserderm is a name that is well-known in Gauteng and the Western Cape as one of the country’s leading specialists in medical aesthetic treatments. First established in 1997, the brand is one that is widely associated with professional excellence and has earned the endorsement of many leading local dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Unlike the typical beauty salon, our aesthetic centres are staffed by resident dermatologists and medical practitioners who are, in turn, ably assisted by nursing sisters and trained operators skilled in the use of modern aesthetic equipment such as lasers.

At the moment, Laserderm operates a total of 13 outlets and if you happen to live in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town, you can be certain to find a branch that is reasonably near to you. Having found one, however, what could you expect?  To begin with, you can look forward to a portfolio of around forty treatments from which to make your selection. In this respect alone, you can be quite certain that you will not find a more comprehensive service anywhere in the country. Furthermore, you can also be assured that each one of the available treatments is based upon the very latest, proven-effective technology applicable to its relevant field.

Much of the emphasis at our centres is on the use of minimally or non-invasive treatments that, nevertheless, are able to provide our patients with the results that they are hoping for. In this category, skin rejuvenation techniques are among those for which the demand is greatest. In addition to the use of Botox® and dermal fillers, we also provide a non-invasive laser resurfacing therapy, named Fraxel®. In addition to providing an effective treatment for crow’s feet and brow lines, it can also be used to treat age spots, melasma, sun damage and the pre-cancerous condition known as Actinic Keratosis.

Poor eating habits and a more sedentary lifestyle than in the past have seen excess fat become an increasingly common problem among South Africans and it is one for which the remedy sought is often surgical liposuction or gastric band surgery. These are highly invasive, costly procedures that carry the risks associated with all forms of surgery and in which the period required for recovery can be quite lengthy. Laserderm branches, however, are in a position to provide patients with a highly effective, yet totally non-invasive alternative.

If you have a couple of stubborn extra kilos to shed and there is a branch near you, it will be worth enquiring about CoolSculpting™. While the so-called “lunchtime lipo” with its ultrafine needle for aspiration of liquefied adipose tissue is only minimally invasive, the process known as cryolipolysis can achieve the same effect without the aid of any kind of incision or injection.  Instead, the ZELTIQ CoolSculpting™ system relies on selective freezing of fat cells in situ as the means to rupture them and to release their contents to be disposed of naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. The treatment head of the patented apparatus is applied to the skin where rapid cooling to 4°C kills adipose cells, leaving all other tissues unaffected.

As mentioned, we have may more treatments to offer, so it will be worth your while to find a Laserderm branch near you and arrange a consultation.