“LOSE TO FEED” Campaign June – December 2014

Read Press Release: 28th May 2014

Lose weight to feed South Africa’s children

Laserderm South Africa has joined forces with the Lunch Box Fund and weight loss programme Slender Wonder to feed South Africa’s children.

From June 2014, Laserderm will donate a meal for every kilogram lost by our patients across all participating Laserderm Clinics across South Africa on the Slender Wonder medical weight loss plan.

65% of all children in SA live in poverty – 12 million children below the poverty line. Over 3.6 million orphans among them. The Government currently reaches 8- of those 12 million children through the National School Nutrition Program. This is often the child’s only meal of the day.

Laserderm’s objective is to feed a class of 26 under privileged children a month.   This equates to 780 meals a month and 9 360 meals in the year.

Slender Wonder is a safe and affective medical weight loss programme that has evolved over 40 years with tens of thousands of patients being treated successfully in South Africa.   Only Slender Wonder accredited doctors that are trained by the organisation, are allowed to prescribe and distribute the programme.

The programme is based on treating low leptin levels and has three components: a low GI eating plan, supplements in the form of capsules and a series of injections.   The injections bring the leptin levels back into balance and help rid the body of “abnormal” fat in a safe and controlled way.  This is what makes the Slender Wonder programme different from other weight loss programmes.

“For those looking to lose more than just a few kilograms, there are eating plans like Slender Wonder which are managed by a doctor, and where patients lose anything between 3 and 15 kilograms a month.  This eating plan consists of a very structured diet as well as daily supplements, and we are seeing phenomenal results with many very happy patients.” Says Dr Leanne Swart of Laserderm Sandton

“Weight loss is a hard journey for many people, Laserderm feels that giving our patients an incentive like feeding South Africa’s will really help them in realizing the dream weight and doing good at the same time.  It is a win-win situation for all” adds Dr Swart.

To be part of this incredible initiative, contact your nearest Laserderm branch and book your consultation with one of Laserderm’s doctors and start losing weight to feed South Africa’s children.

For more info or branch details: www.laserderm.co.za

About The Lunch Box Fund

 The Lunchbox Fund is an NGO that focuses on fostering education via nutrition by providing a daily meal for orphaned and vulnerable school children in township and rural areas of South Africa. (www.thelunchboxfund.org)

 The Lunch Box Fund aims to feed the 4-million who are not reached. Who are not fed.  Children who don’t have enough to eat, don’t have the capacity to work towards a proper education. So we feed them while they are at school attendance means a meal. That way – both their bodies and their minds are nourished.

Our Simple (and loving) Intervention: We provide a free and healthy meal at school – this encourages the child to attend. Once the child is in class – they are in place to receive an education. Through interacting with teachers, peers and their food preparers – the child stays connected, cared for and involved.

When a child stays in school, his or her risk of HIV infection, abuse and unwanted pregnancies is greatly reduced.

The Lunchbox Fund partners with locally based, in-community NGOs and The Department of Education to identify and evaluate schools. Nutritionally enriched, easy-store foods, that require simple preparation, are then delivered to each school on a monthly basis. No school or organization is provided with money directly.

Community involvement and ownership is key to sustainable Non-Profit interventions. Through recruiting local Gogos and Mothers to prepare the food, and paying them a stipend for their work – we actively involve them in the project. This creates an on the ground monitoring network that enables community members to assist the school in identifying children at risk, in need of nutrition and those not attending school. Through hiring our Food Mamas locally – we empower the women in their communities and create income generation. The women spend their salaries locally – supporting small community businesses. Which encourages further community involvement and upliftment.  In this way our feeding program becomes a ‘for the community by the community’ solution rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ imposition.

Sourcing the Children to be Fed

The Lunchbox Fund works in conjunction with the Department of Education – through our relationship with Mrs. Tidimalo Nkotoe, Director Advisor to the Minister of Education, we assist the national School Feeding Program by providing supplemental feeding in schools where the student numbers have outstripped requested Feeding numbers. We feed in primary, combined and secondary schools. We have also been approached by the DOE to assist with food provision to Early Childhood Development Centers i.e.: pre- and play-schools and crèches. Other schools in need are identified via our NGO Contacts in various areas of child development, through direct approach from the school itself or via community parties and in tandem with local District Educators.

Program Costs:

R2.50 feeds one child, one hot meal, on one school day.

R500.00 feeds one child, one hot meal, per school day for one year.

R755 000 feeds one school of 1500 children, one hot meal per school day for one year.

Financing The Lunchbox Fund

All of our core operational costs are raised through an annual fundraising event we hold in New York City. This includes personnel salaries and running costs and, currently, our Monitoring and Evaluation program. By covering these costs through our own fundraising efforts, we are able to ring fence donations to The Lunchbox Fund. Which allows us to assure corporate funders, partners and sponsors that every cent they donate to The Lunchbox Fund will go directly to feed a child. Through working with a Food Supplier who specializes in providing nutritionally enriched, easy to store and prepare foods, we keep the financial process simple. Food packages are delivered to partner schools, the supplier bills us, and we settle each month. No money is sent directly to any school.

The Lunchbox Fund is a legally registered Not For Profit company. We hold Section 18A status with SARS. Any donation made to us is tax deductible.


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