Mole Mapping

Mole checks should be part of every melanoma* prevention program. Monthly mole self-checks are imperative and one would look for ANY CHANGE in your pre-existing mole as well as look out for any new ones.

*Melanoma: One of the most frightening cancers because it knows no race, gender or age boundaries. And when it hits it runs wild wreaking havoc and spreading to many organs in the body. Time is not on your side with melanoma and once it spreads there is often no chance to try and “beat it.”

Melanoma may arise in a mole or “beauty-spot” as we call them and any change to these can detect an early dysplastic or changing mole. If these are cut out early enough they will never become malignant.
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** This treatment is only offered at our Illovo branch. **

Endorsed by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

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