treatment-Nd:YAG Laser

Nd:YAG Laser

Hair Removal:

Candela’s Gentle YAG – 1064nm laser effectively removes hair on dark skin types (V-VI). The Laser uses Epidermal Cooling for maximum comfort and safety.

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Blue Leg Veins:

The laser beam heats up the blood inside the vein coagulating the vessel and its lining. This process restricts the blood flow in the vessel which in turn removes the vein.

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Beard bumps or Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB):

In this instance, ‘prevention is better than cure’. The ND:YAG Laser successfully removes hair on dark skin types leaving the surface of the skin un-damaged. As it destroys the hair follicle it reduces the risks of PFB.

Endorsed by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

** Please be sure to check which treatments are offered at the individual clinics as some treatments are only available at certain branches **



The Nd:YAG laser offers a fantastic rejuvenating treatment which deposits heat into the deeper layers of the skin leaving the surface area intact.

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