Online Beauty Products

Online Beauty Products are no Substitute for Professional Treatments

Once restricted to the text-only bulletin boards of academics and specialised interest groups, advances in technology have since seen cyberspace evolve to become home to a gigantic virtual shopping mall. The World Wide Web now provides a global marketplace in which anyone from astrologers to zookeepers can now sell their products and services, and everyone with a broadband connection is a potential customer. It has been estimated that the total value of e-commerce transactions is set to exceed $1.5 trillion Dollars this year and the industry’s analysts are predicting that around $25 billion of that could accrue from the online sale of beauty products.

Aside from its convenience, one of the main attractions of internet shopping is that prices tend to be lower than those on the high street. An attractive price tag, however, can often be a sign of sub-standard or even counterfeit products, as policing trading standards on the net is a lot more difficult than monitoring the actions of those operating out of fixed premises. While using the internet for “click and collect” purchases or dealing through the website of an established high street retailer should ensure quality, there are no such guarantees when dealing with the vast number of lesser-known cyber traders.

Anti-aging preparations, skin lighteners and teeth whitening systems, in particular, now feature prominently among the beauty products regularly purchased online, and their effectiveness varies widely. All but a few of these are likely to meet their full claims and many fail to achieve any significant improvements. Whether it is shampoo or anti-wrinkle cream, with any preparation applied to your body, there is a risk that it could have an adverse effect on your health. Branded preparations will normally have undergone extensive testing for allergic and other reactions. However, many of the cheaper alternatives will have been less thoroughly tested, if at all.

Given such risks, undergoing a professional consultation followed by treatments by experts in their field with preparations and equipment that have been tried and tested extensively, is a sensible alternative to purchasing cheap beauty products online for home use.

Since our launch in 1997, Laserderm has grown to become widely recognised as a leading brand name in the field of medical aesthetics throughout much of South Africa. Specialising in anti-aging, skincare and a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, our clinics have earned the endorsement of leading cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists.

Staffed by general practitioners, dermatologists, experienced nurses and trained laser operators, our clinic also prescribe a range of approved, medical-grade beauty products for home use to supplement many of our clinic-based treatments. Rather than shopping online, play it safe and contact a Laserderm clinic.