treatment-Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP can be used in treatment of scarring and hair loss as well as improving inflammatory skin conditions and the general texture and tone of the skin due to ageing.
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PRP has been used for over 2 decades and its uses have expanded and has been established as a safe effective form of tissue and skin repair and rejuvenation.

Uses in Dermatology:

    • Anti-ageing: by stimulation of the healing cascade, collagen is also stimulated and improvements seen in fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and tone.
    • Scarring: By stimulation of the platelet healing cascade an improvement of scarring can be seen, however the best results are PRP in combination with laser therapy for scarring.
    • Hair-loss and balding: By stimulation of the hair follicles via platelets and growth factors, natural hair growth can be seen. Promising results have been shown in many patients. A treatment worth trying for a particularly distressing disease.



How does it work?

Platelet rich plasma therapy is the re-administration of your own platelets to activate the body’s natural healing cascade for repair and regeneration in the area it is injected. High concentration of platelets also stimulate the release of growth factors that further aid in tissue regeneration, collagen stimulation and overall wellness of the treated area.

What is the method?

This treatment involves sampling a small amount of the patient’s blood to centrifuge and concentrate the platelets. Once ready the platelets are re-injected into the area treated to enhance healing and regeneration of the tissue. It is not only safe, but effective and hazard-free in the long-term.

A topical application of anesthetic is usually required and oral analgesia can also be taken. This should be discussed with your medical practitioner prior to the treatment.

How often does PRP need to be performed:

Anti-ageing: Younger patients < 35yrs – 6 monthly
Older patients: > 35yrs – 3 monthly
Hair loss: 3 monthly

Endorsed by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

** Please be sure to check which treatments are offered at the individual clinics as some treatments are only available at certain branches **